Grade 1 Applications 2020

Admission to the school is strictly according to the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) regulations. The website for registering and applying in the Gauteng Province is .


Grade 1 2020
Online applications have CLOSED

Please remember to hand in all outstanding documents by 31 July 2019 before 14h00. Documents not submitted will disqualify your application.

Notification of acceptance
Parents will be notified via SMS of their child/ren’s acceptance from 18 September 2019. Should you wish to accept the offer of placement, please do so by logging onto the GDE online system and confirm that you accept the offer.


The GDE has made changes to their online platform as well as some very important changes to the admissions criteria.

Admissions criteria in order of preference:

    1. Home address closest to the school within the feeder zone

  • Applicants living in the feeder area will receive a WA1 waiting list number
  • 2. Sibling at school

  • Applicants NOT living in the feeder area, but with a sibling currently at the school, will receive a WA2 waiting list number
  • 3. Work address in feeder zone

  • Applicants NOT living in the feeder area; but working in the feeder area, will receive a WA3 waiting list number
  • 4. Home address within 30km

  • Applicants that do not live or work in the feeder area but are less than 30km from the school will receive a WA4 waiting list number
  • 5. Home address is beyond 30km of the school

  • Applicants that do not live or work in the feeder area but are more than 30km from the school will receive a WB waiting list number

Preference will be given to WA list applicants. IMPORTANT: Only once all the WA1 applicants have been placed, and if there is still available space at the school, will the GDE consider WA2 applicants.

Regretfully, there may not be availability for all WA1 learners as Bryneven Primary School is a high-pressure school receiving 6 times more applicants than what the school is able accommodate.

For any further enquiries, please contact Mrs Carole Lawrence at