Extramural Programme

Only the pupils who participate in the extracurricular activities benefit from the opportunities of being involved in the entire programme offered by the school.  The educational aim at our school is to involve as many children as possible in the extra-mural programme.  Extra-curricular activities not only offer children healthy way of spending their leisure time, but teach them to become participants and educate them to become an appreciative audience of the arts and supporters of sport and other cultural activities.  It is the task of the school and their partners in education, the parents, to maintain a healthy balance at all times by reducing the excessive emphasis on competition and instead, promoting participation.

To succeed in our educational aims, we require the support of all our parents and supporters to encourage the following code expected of the young sportsmen at our school:

  • Take pride in being properly dressed for your sport – you ARE  representing your school.
  • Remember your loyalty lies with Bryneven Primary School therefore school activities take priority.
  • If you are unable to attend a training session, excuse yourself personally well before the time.
  • If you were not chosen for the team – don’t give up, try even harder next time.  Remember practise makes perfect.
  • Remember to thank all those who need to be thanked eg. your opponents, the umpire/referee/coach/scorer/organiser AND your parents who support you.
  • Get to know the rules of the game and obey them.
  • Treat all your equipment and facilities with the utmost care.
  • Always offer your help eg. Cleaning up/collecting/packing kit.
  • Accept and follow your captain’s decisions.
  • Encourage each other and help create team spirit.  Fellow team-mates do not make mistakes on purpose.
  • Be friendly and polite to opponents and visitors to the school.  It is the captain or vice-captain’s duty to meet them on arrival, invite them for refreshments, etc.
  • Show appreciation for your opponents’ good play.  It is unsporting to look for excuses for losing – be a modest winner and a good loser.  It is not whether you win or lose but how you played the game.
  • Always accept the umpire/referee’s decisions – right or wrong, he is there to make decisions.
  • Give of your best and exercise self-control.
  • Encouragement is welcome, but vociferous behaviour cannot be condoned.  Referees/umpires’ decisions are NEVER questioned.