Head of Department & Grade Heads

Foundation Phase HOD:

Mrs Hughes shughes@bryneven.co.za

Intermediate Phase HOD:

Grade 4  & 5

Mrs Singh tsimgh@bryneven.co.za

Intermediate & Senior Phase HOD:

Grade 6 & 7

Ms Kotze ckotze@bryneven.co.za

Grade Heads:

Grade R: Mrs Herdman hherdman@bryneven.co.za

Grade 1: Mrs Richmond rrichmond@bryneven.co.za

Grade 2: Mrs Naidu rnaidu@bryneven.co.za

Grade 3: Mrs Pieterse lpieterse@bryenven.co.za

Grade 4: Miss Govender pgovender@bryneven.co.za

Grade 5: Mrs Naicker unaicker@bryneven.co.za

Grade 6: Mr Maho nmaho@bryneven.co.za

Grade 7: Mrs Venter kventer@bryneven.co.za

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