Code of Conduct

The Bryneven Code of Conduct prescribes that it respects the rights of all learners. The purpose of a Code of Conduct is to promote positive discipline, self-discipline and exemplary conduct, as learners learn by observation and experience.

Guidelines of SASA and the Regulations thereto require that all procedural rights be extended to alleged offenders. The school has always followed procedures as outlined by the South African School’s Act and the Education Department.

It is a requirement of the Education Department that all disciplinary procedures are followed in such a way as to ensure “Discipline with Dignity”. The circumstances of all persons involved must be considered and mitigating factors (if any) must be taken into account.

When assessing the fairness of proceedings and imposed sanctions e.g. suspensions, the Head of the Education Department  expects the school to be able to show proof that the procedures outlined in SASA, its Regulations and the school’s Code of Conduct have been complied with.

Contrary to common belief, the SGB cannot breach the sub-judicae rule and divulge information and specifics about disciplinary cases thereby compromising the rights of all of those involved.

As you will appreciate we are in the business of education and we are dealing with children.

In conclusion, it must be emphasised that the ultimate responsibility for learners’ behaviour rests with their parents or guardians. The Education Department expects parents to support their children’s school, and expects learners to observe all school rules and regulations and accept responsibility for any misbehaviour on their part.

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