School / SGB Trial twining – Witkoppen Primary

The Gauteng Department of Education is forging ahead with its school merging pilot project and Bryneven Primary School as embraced the spirit of this initiative with its Social and Community obligations. As Chairman of  the Bryneven SGB Raoul Blignaut has spent several mornings Witkoppen Primary, meeting with Principal (Mr Makama), Deputy Head (Mr Mashimbyi) and the with all schools grade / Dept. heads to review requirements, needs  and possible co-operation.

The school also attended the Witkoppen Primary Assembly  on the 7th May and  present to the kids – we were treated to incredible singing tribute to our guests and  visitors.  One particular need was for books for the library and we now have the Bryneven book collection drive that is in full swing  – this is so we can collect / bring kids old / read books , unread or new books to the Media Center / library at Bryneven Primary. Mr Makama and Mr Mashimbyi  at welcomed Bryneven as partners and thanked his members of his staff and Berneven for our initial efforts.  In addition to this the SGBs of both schools are is planning a combined  afternoon tour and workshop at the school to work on areas of mutual support and growth  and cooperation later in the year.

Witkoppen Primary School started in 1942. It was a missionary school at the time. It catered for the sons and daughters of farm hands in the Fourways area. Distinguished philanthropists like Sir Harry Oppenheimer of the Oppenheimer empire were major contributors to the establishment of this institution.



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