Design & Technology Centre

Design and Technology aims to promote creative and divergent thinking; promote creativity together with a sense of purpose; provide an active method of learning; provide a design-based problem-solving activity; encourage both individual and co-operative work; develop manipulative skills and pride in the finished product; encourage children to become creative, inventive and discoverers, who can be critical; can verify and who do not accept everything they are offered without question. Countries such as Israel, the USA and Britain have felt the need to institute Design and Technology syllabuses into their education systems to prepare their young people better for the world they will find themselves in. At Bryneven, the subject has been introduced throughout the school (from Grade 1 to Grade 7).

Since 1998, our school has adopted a team-teaching approach to this learning area where 2 classes have been taught simultaneously with 3 staff members facilitating in the Centre (in true OBE fashion) which consists of 7 venues.  Since implementation, countless schools and members of the Education Department from far and wide have visited our Centre to see the Centre and to obtain advice for the implementation of this learning area and a Centre at their respective schools.

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