Grade R

“Early Childhood Development Centre”

The Bryneven Grade R opened on Monday 15 January 2001 with 36 pupils and just more than a decade later, we are proud to offer 4 Grade R classes, ably managed by our Grade R Head of Department and class teacher, Mrs Amanda Botes.

Although this grade is privately run, classes are housed on the Bryneven Primary School premises, so that the children become familiar with the surroundings at an early age.  At Bryneven Primary School we feel the below skills and concepts are essential for our Grade R learner’s development. These skills overlap in many ways. While focusing on one activity, many different skills may be developed. A visual matching activity could, for example, prepare the child for reading as well as for mathematics.  Some of the development skills that are covered are:

  • Visual skills;
  • Listening skills;
  • Reading skills;
  • Speaking skills;
  • Early mathematical skills incorporate perceptual and basic counting skills;
  • Early manipulative skills are essential before a child can start to write;
  • Fine motor and Gross Motor co-ordination;
  • Self-help skill, social and emotional development;
  • Understanding the concept or texture;
  • Understanding the concept of colour;
  • Understanding the concept of time;
  • Understanding the concept of position and direction;
  • Body awareness;
  • Information & Communication technology.

At Bryneven Grade R, we partner with parents to ensure development of a well-rounded, happy child.”

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