Visits during School hours

At our school we believe that education is not the sole prerogative of the teaching staff but must include the parents, our “partners” in education. Although it is the policy of this school to obtain the full co-operation of parents in matters affecting the educational progress of their children, we request that parents do not visit the classroom to consult with a teacher during school hours without a prior appointment having been made.

Appointments with Teachers

To facilitate matters, Parents/Teacher Interview Timetables are issued at the beginning of each term. Appointments for interviews with teachers must be made at least 24 hours before the interview via the Secretaries Office. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress with the teachers and we trust that contact with the school will not ONLY take place when problems are being experienced. However, if there are concerns, parents are welcome to discuss these with the staff concerned.

Regular Communication from the School

A weekly newsletter, the Extramural Programme and a list of sports fixtures is given out every term. We urge parents to assist us in our communication by returning reply slips, circulars, questionnaires, etc, timeously.

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