The GDE has made changes to their online platform as well as some very important changes to the admissions criteria.

Admissions criteria in order of preference:

  1. Home address closest to the school within the feeder zone. Applicants living in the feeder area will receive a WA1 waiting list numberSibling at school

  2. Applicants NOT living in the feeder area, but with a sibling currently at the school, will receive a WA2 waiting list number

  3. Work address in the feeder zoneApplicants NOT living in the feeder area; but working in the feeder area, will receive a WA3 waiting list number

  4. Home address within 30km. Applicants that do not live or work in the feeder area but are less than 30km from the school will receive a WA4 waiting list number

  5. Home address is beyond 30km of the school. Applicants that do not live or work in the feeder area but are more than 30km from the school will receive a WB waiting list number

Preference will be given to WA list applicants.

IMPORTANT: Only once all the WA1 applicants have been placed, and if there is still available space at the school, will the GDE consider WA2, WA3, WA4 and WB applicants.

Regretfully, there may not be availability for all WA1 learners as Bryneven Primary School is a high-pressure school receiving 6 times more applicants than what the school is able to accommodate.

Please contact Mrs Carole Lawrence for further information.

Admission to the school is strictly according to the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) regulations. The website for registering and applying in the Gauteng Province is



Grade 1 2022

Online applications have CLOSED

Please remember to hand in all outstanding documents Documents not submitted will disqualify your application.

Notification of acceptance

Parents will be notified via SMS of their child/ren’s acceptance. Should you wish to accept the offer of placement, please do so by logging onto the GDE online system and confirming that you accept the offer.

Grade 1 Applications Procedure

  • Apply online at You will receive a reference number and an SMS.

  • In addition to the GDE online application, a Bryneven Primary School application form is to be completed. These can be obtained from the school's website ( Please ensure the form is completed in full (including Part E). Each page is to be initialled on the lower right-hand side.

  • Supporting documents (listed below) are to be returned with the application form via email to within 7 working days of submitting the GDE online application.

       Required Supporting Documents

  • A certified copy of your child/ren’s unabridged (full) birth certificate (Computer-generated certificate from the Department of Home Affairs). If not available, proof of application should be provided along with a certified copy of an abridged birth certificate;

  • A certified copy of your child/ren’s 2021 report showing both their name and the school name (if available);

  • Certified copies of both parents’/legal guardians’ RSA identity documents; certified copies of death certificate/s should a parent or both parents be deceased; certified copies of passports as well as work permits of parents that are Foreign Nationals;

  • In the case of legal guardianship adoption, copies of legal documents produced by the courts (court orders) are required which, amongst others, includes a certified copy of appointment from the Master of the Court to act as legal guardian/s;

  • A certified copy of proof of immunization – Clinic Card;

  • Proof of the permanent residential address of both parents as well as the learner/s and/or legal guardian (only a valid government/parastatal or body corporate utility bill and/or certified copy of a lease agreement will be accepted);

  • Immigrants must submit certified copies of both parents’ passports, permanent residence and/or relevant study, residence or work permits as well as any other related permits; in the event of Diplomats, Diplomats are to submit passports and Diplomatic identities;

  • A letter of employment for each parent/legal guardian confirming employment, on an original company letterhead. The letter must – be stamped by the employer; – contain confirmation as to whether the parent is employed indefinitely or for a fixed-term period; – confirm the parent/legal guardian’s work address as well as work contact number.

  • Proof of GDE waiting list reference number.


BPS Letterhead.jpg




Gr R           R52 635.00 (11 payments of R4 785.00)


Gr 1-7         R36 960.00 (11 payments of R3 360.00)


(January – November)


Discounted:  6% if paid before 31 January 2022 (GR 1-7 ONLY) iscounted amount is R 34 743.00


Discount is R 2 217.00 (Gr 1-7)

Mrs Candy Bell 


or our school bursar, Mrs Sue Leahy