Bryneven Cares - Fundraising

The Fundraising Committee, which reports to the School Governing Body, manages all fundraising for our school.

Fundraising is an essential part of the SGB’s function. The school receives a small annual grant from the Department of Education which provides funding for some educators, admin staff and ground staff. All other expenses, including the appointment of additional SGB staff, maintenance and all improvements to the school, must be budgeted for out of school fees and fundraising.

The Fundraising Committee is always grateful to any parents and friends of Bryneven, who are prepared to assist the school with services or donations of items for fundraising purposes. Many activities are planned and communicated throughout the year.


Our Heads and Deputy Heads hard at work as they prepare for the hand-over of the food hampers to Sefekeng Primary. Another proud day for our school. Always aiming high!

MySchool Card

Support our school by naming Bryneven as a beneficiary on your MySchool Card.

My School Card is a facility where anyone (parents, grannies and grandpas, aunts and uncles, friends) can nominate Bryneven as a beneficiary and use their MySchool Cards whilst shopping and thereby, without any cost to themselves, raise funds for the school.