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Bryneven Grade R

The Bryneven Grade R opened on Monday 15 January 2001 with 36 pupils.

Two decades later, we are proud to offer 3 Grade R classes, ably managed by our Grade Head and class teacher, Mrs Amanda Botes.

At Bryneven Grade R, we partner with parents to ensure the development of a well-rounded, happy child.

How to describe a day in Grade R?


We are loved!

Our teachers are caring, supportive, respectful and responsible. They understand children and their needs and provide us with a stimulating and encouraging learning environment. 


We are prepared!

We have amazing equipment and resources. Our classrooms have interactive Smartboards and we learn basic Cami, Robotic and STEM skills. Our curriculum ensures that we are ready for “big school”.


We are happy!

We learn through play; we laugh together, and we spend a productive day at school.

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Grade R Admissions

Please contact Carole in our admissions department to enrol your child


What Our Parents Say

"Bryneven Grade R gave my children the best grounding possible. They was more than prepared for their Grade One Year. Thank you to the amazing teachers!" Mrs W.