Dear Parents / Guardians / Learners,

We have good news on the online / digital library front. Bryneven has joined forces with the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) along with thirty other GDE schools to bring you / your children a wider, more extensive and exciting selection of the latest books and reading material online. Please note that now you need to change / select your school as Gauteng Department of Education.

Access to the GDE Online Library To download app: go to your Apple App or Play Store and download the Sora App (by Overdrive) to your tablet / smart device. On a laptop / PC go to: Find our school search for (Gauteng Department of Education).


Select Bryneven Primary School. For the Username – use your child’s 5 / 7 – digit student number (this is the same number used to login into Teams / miEbook apps).

Once you are in Sora, you / your child can browse for and select a book. The books available for selection are age appropriate – either juvenile or young adult based on GDE guidelines but as a
parent / guardian you have the final responsibility on your child’s selection.

When you have found what you want, please do a SAMPLE READ to see if the book sparks you or your child’s interest, then select BORROW.

Please note that if the book is already borrowed by another student, do not be disappointed. Simply put a HOLD on the book, so when it becomes available, you will be next in line to get the book. Search for another book that you would like to read.

The library only allows a limited number of books to be borrowed at any one time, so when you have finished reading it, go into tap on options to return. You have two weeks to finish reading the book before it automatically gets returned to the library.

Please do not take out books unnecessarily / without reading them. This will limit other learners from accessing the book. There are only a certain number of copies available to our school as all books need to be licenced by the publisher.

You can always contact if any assistance is needed. Your class teacher will also be able to assist your child / children as needed. Please include your child’s name (student number if you have it) and a description of the problem.

Bryeneven Primary School – GDE Online Library