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Academic Programme

Educators have a tremendous influence on children during their formative years, and at Bryneven, we understand and value that.

Our reputation is built on providing maximum opportunities for children to prepare for life.

Our academic staff is comprised of experienced, qualified, and capable professionals. Our motivated and caring educators prioritize the optimal development of each child.

Our goal is to help your child become a well-rounded and disciplined individual, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Design & Technology Centre

Our Design and Technology Centre aims to encourage:

– Creative and divergent thinking.
– Creativity with a sense of purpose.
– An active method of learning.
– Individual and co-operative work.
– Children to become creative, inventive and discoverers.

Purple Mash Centre

Our school subscribes to Purple Mash, a creative educational website for children. Purple Mash is a cross-curricular resource covering Art to Science and all subjects in between.

It allows for easy ICT integration and promotes creative technology use in all classes as well as in the computer lab. The software is both a teacher resource and a tool for learners.

Outdoor Learning Centre

The Outdoor Learning Centre is used for teaching and examinations.

Built in the late 2000’s and refurbished in 2012, this area is also used for parent meetings and to serve coffee / tea after awards evenings and parents evening.