Last week Friday, we were able to host our inaugural Grade R & 1 Fun Swimming Festival.

This is the very first year that we were able to separate the youngest of our swimmers from the Main Gala and give them all the opportunity to get into the water and have some fun while swimming, either with swimming aids or unaided. Zogs Swim School also assisted all children in the water. It really was fantastic to see the sheer joy on the faces of the Grade R & One’s as they splashed and floated and made their way across the pool.

Bryneven Grade R and 1 Fun Swimming Festival

With the cheers from the parents and some grandparents urging them on, our children certainly gave it their very best. We provided all our learners the chance to swim in a race with their parents there to cheer them on. A big thank to Mr Naicker for organising the events along with the Grade R and 1 teachers for their efforts.

We also thank Zogs Swim School for assisting all our learners on the day. The effects of the Grade 1 swimming lessons with Zogs during the Grade 1 PE sessions is already showing a positive improvement in swimming skills amongst some of our learners.

A reminder to our parents that, while we as a school are looking to increase our effectiveness in the water by partnering with Zogs Swim School, it is expected that if your child does not know how to swim, that you will take them for the necessary lessons to ensure that they have mastered this very important lifesaving skill.

Parents who are interested in extra swimming lessons for their child can contact Grant from Zogs Swim School (information on the D6 Communicator).