This year has certainly flown by.

There were many challenges we have faced and overcome over the last two years with the regulations around the Pandemic causing all sorts of repercussions, not only to our daily lives but our very livelihoods to how the world functioned. In South Africa, our regulations have eased considerably with less mention of the Virus occurring daily.

There were certainly the effects of the Lockdown that we, as a school, had to deal with. With nervous parents who did not want their child to break the one metre bubble around them to the children who have certainly not been as active as they would normally be, and this having a knock-on effect when on the sports field to the economic impacts from the Lockdown. Nonetheless, we have endured and not only come through this tough period admirably but persevered.

The many achievements bear testament to the hard work and effort that the staff of Bryneven have put in over the last two years. Working to maintain if not exceed our high standard of education in the classroom, to taking the time to help those learners affected by long periods of inactivity ease back into sports and finally to achieve.

Whilst preparing for one of my end of year speeches, I was looking at the overhead photo of our school, and I was reminded of how lucky we are to have such a lovely school and surroundings with the resources and opportunities which allows us to provide the best quality education to your child.

This year we ensured that we made full use of those resources to record what is one of our best years with regards to Academic achievements, ever!

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