Multi-purpose Astro

At the end of last term, the initial stages of preparing our 3 Netball courts next to the Field began with the removal of the old metal fencing and preparation of the surface for levelling. Unfortunately, the company tasked with the work have had to re-evaluate the timeline given for completion, resulting in complications from the different levels of the courts.

The surface of one of the courts had to be completely torn up with the laying of the slurry mixture to begin once all the rubble has been removed. The laying of the Astro turf and markings will be the done during the final stages of the project along with new netting all around the court. We are very excited to see the results once the courts have been completed as it will give our learners the opportunity to practice their hockey skills on a proper surface; not to mention the other codes
of sports which will also be played on these courts.