We would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation for your presence and active participation in the Annual General Meeting of Bryneven Primary School held on Wednesday, 9 November 2022 Thank you for sparing your valuable time and thank you to everyone who reached out to acknowledge the achievements (and challenges) shared.

This was the 3rd time running the AGM online and we were reminded of the challenges of this format. Running the AGM online provided the opportunity to engage with 203 parents and field more than 100 questions. By comparison, the last in-person AGM held in 2019 had 105 parents in attendance, with 18 questions fielded and minuted. While the online format is therefore more challenging to run and manage, it has a wider reach.

That said, we did receive feedback that:

  1. Parents want more questions answered live during the meeting
  2. The format does not empower the parents and has a one-way focus on what the SGB wants to communicate

Thank you to the parents who reached out to provide feedback – it is helpful and always appreciated. While we figure out what would best serve the parent body for the next AGM, I would like to invite you to reach out and share ongoing concerns you may have. You will always receive a response. My email address, and that of all SGB members, are on the Bryneven website.

Should you not have time to read through the attached minutes and responses to questions, the following actions will be taken to the next SGB meeting for further consideration:

  1. Investigate a fee discount for siblings and Grade R
  2. Expand the current working team researching the introduction of isiZulu at Bryneven, by inviting parents to participate in the process
  3. Accelerate the solar project

We will share any progress made on the above in due course.

The link below will take you to the detailed AGM minutes and the Q&A response.